L' histoire des Deux Papas

Dan Ness 

Les Deux Papas OG !

Dan Ness created Les Deux Papas and ran it for a few years before Andrew and I  got asked to participate. Dan had a gregarious and outgoing personality and a heart made of solid gold. The Fête Française fund raiser, benefiting Ecole Bilingue de la Nouvelle Orleans (EB for short) where Dan's son went, was Dan's favorite time of year. The spectacle and incredible success that is Les Deux Papas today is Dan's legacy and something that Andrew and I feel very strongly about and that we are devoted to preserving. It is part of EB's history forever. Dan sadly passed away and we miss him dearly every year. RIP dear friend. 

Dan Ness and Sam Prokop in the early days of Les Deux Papas.